“Only about 10% of spray drift occurrences are reported.” Dave Feltes, retired University of Illinois Extension IPM expert

Despite its common occurrence, pesticide drift to people and property in Illinois often goes unreported.  Very often, people do not know what to do if they are the victims of pesticide drift either to themselves, family members, or property. The Spray Drift Education Network offers support and education to help citizens report pesticide drift.

 The first and most important step in avoiding and preventing pesticide drift is to file the Pesticide Incident Complaint Form with the Illinois Department of Agriculture if pesticide misuse occurs.

With 22,000,000 acres of cropland, Dave Feltes feels incidents are rarely reported because people:

 1)“Don’t know what to do

2)Are intimidated by the process

3)Don’t want to have a conflict develop between themselves and their neighbors.”

Pesticide drift is not something you are expected to tolerate or ignore even if you live, work, garden, drive or recreate near or around an agricultural area. It is a violation of the Illinois Pesticide Act if pesticides move off the target area.  If you suspect drift has occurred, take action to prevent further incidents!

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